No 2nd ESC calibration jingle

  • I'm setting up a new VOXL-Flight for use in an m500 after frying the original.

    I just ran through the ESC calibration process using the px4-cal-tool and only heard one jingle during the process, I gave the prompt that was waiting for the second jingle probably 3-5 minutes and the drone didn't seem to do anything in that time so I just hit enter to finish.

    The motors vibrate pretty violently and even sound like they grind at times when I'm increasing the throttle. One of them won't start spinning until the throttle is at about 50% of max; that motor also vibrates and heats up more than the other 3. I'm hoping, since this drone has barely flown, and these motors aren't available right now, that all of this can be solved by ESC calibration. Help appreciated, thanks.

  • Dev Team

    Can you please describe your configuration a little more? Which battery are you using?

    Do the ESCs look damaged? how did you fry your system the first time? We have an RMA process here if you would like us to fix it for you

    Flight Core itself is a standard PX4 flight controller, very similar to FMUv5x. So, the PX4 documentation might provide a little insight as well

  • I loaded m500 parameters that I got from github onto the board using QGC. I'm hoping enabling DSHOT will address the above issues.

    The larger issue is that I fried my drone's original VOXL-flight by accidentally powering it with a 19v supply. I've installed a replacement VOXL-flight, along with a new Pixhawk4 gps module. What I want is just a list of steps for getting the new VOXL-Flight and gps module configured for use in the m500, probably something similar to what you guys would do before shipping m500 orders. Obviously, that's a different question so I'll create a new topic for that.

    Should all motor issues not be solved by properly integrating the fresh VOXL-Flight into the m500:
    -Everything onboard the drone, is HW that comes included with an order for a VOXL-m500
    SKU: MRB-D0001-2-V1.1-F1-B1-C3-M0-T1-K0

    -the battery I'm using is a Thunder Power RC ProliteX TP3400-4SPX25 (4 Cell, 14.8V, 50.3Wh)

    -The ESCs are covered with insulation. They don't appear to be scraped or crushed, but electrically, I don't know if they've been damaged.

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