Add a Hires cam on VOXL CAM + TOF w/ Flight Controller

  • Hello,

    I just get a VOXl Cam with TOF and voxl desk flight, which has a TOF, a stereo and a tracking camera. Can I attached a Hires cam on it, too? I need to take photos and i want to do it through the voxl system if possible

  • Hi Marian,

    The voxl-cam can support the use of a hires camera, but the voxl board can only support 3 MIPI cameras at a time. So you could add a hires cam but it would be at the expense of either stereo or TOF. You can see the list of supported camera configurations here. However, If you want all 3 of the built ins and a hires cam, you can use an external camera attached via usb to the voxl and access it via voxl-uvc-server. Documentation of this process as well as some tested cameras can be found here.

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    Thank you for your answer!

    I will keep the all three already installed on the voxl-cam and I will attach an external c270 firstly to test with it. Which USB port is recommended to use in this case?

  • It won't matter which port the camera is plugged into, If you don't have an expansion board/modem on your cam then the micro port is the only usb option, though it'll likely be more reliable in flight to use a manually crimped JST connection on an expansion board and avoid a micro connector.

  • Understood. Thank you again!

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