VOXL B2B Port connections questions

  • Hi.
    I was reading this:
    and wanted to make sure I understood corrrectly:
    There are 2 I2C ports/buses available on this connector (J13 - B2B) ?
    If so, can one be used as an I2C master/host, and the other as a slave (for use with external master) ?

    Also, I haven't seen any information about PWM outputs. Does the VOXL have any hardware PWM outputs? If so, on which pins?


  • Yes, but to use the B2B connector you will need a custom PCB.

    There are other i2c available.

    There are no HW PWM on VOXL, but on VOXL Flight there are HW PWM through the Flight Core portion

  • Thanks for your reply.
    Yeah, I was planning on breaking out the B2B connector to a PCB for dev purposes.

    So I shouldn't have any problems using the two I2C ports (on as master and other as slave) on the B2B, correct?

    Also, if I want to do SW based PWM, is there any GPIO pin on the B2B that you would recommend using, or can I choose any free GPIO pin ?

  • Dev Team

    @amitga The i2c ports on Voxl only support host mode, not slave mode. Also, we have never tested any i2c ports coming over the B2B connector and cannot say for sure whether they are even enabled in the system image.

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