New image not installing waiting for fastboot

  • I am trying to install the new image system on my new VOXL flight deck. But when I try to run sudo ./ -f I get the following output. e74cbf59-6ee0-4805-a782-3ef1df5b0f75-image.png
    I ran the command adb reboot bootloader after which the device does not appear when I run adb devices or fastboot devices. I do not know what is going wrong here I followed all the steps listed in the setup guide.

    Please help!!

  • Dev Team

    @Shlok-Agarwal I assume you've taken a look at this page in our docs:

    If not, give that a read through and it'll give you a bunch of good info.

    Were you able to ADB into the VOXL before you started the flashing process?

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