mavlink Odometry message missing from QGroundControl

  • Hi,
    I've running into the following problem now:

    1. Setup: VOXL + PX4 Flight core (it's not a VOXL Flight board)
    2. There are mavlink packets between VOXL and PX4 flight core;
    3. In the VOXL board were activated: voxl_cameras, voxl_imu, voxl_qvio,voxl_vision_px4 services.
      4)According to the explanation about "how to connect QGroundControl to PX4 via voxl_vision_px4",the setup was configured and activated. QGroundControl connects to VOXL by WIFI. I've check by scope, that the messages between VOXL and PX4 Flight core are transmitted. The problem is with the mavlink ODOMETRY (#331) message. I saw that this message is transmitted to PX4,but isn't forwarding to QGroundControl (as it should be according to your explanation). In the QGroundControl , I couldn't set Position/Hold (all automatic) flight modes. What is my mistake in the setup? Thanks you.

  • Dev Team

    Just making sure you have seen the relevant documentation here

    It points to the VIO parameters helper file here. Specifically the EKF2_AID_MASK is often overlooked as an important parameter.

  • Hi,
    Thank you very much. I've check EKF2_AID_MASK,it was a problem with my setup (Flight core wasn't configure well). Now I'm working with VOXL FLIGHT and on QGroundControl I see ODOMETRY message as well. Maybe could you help me with understanding the following issue?: With VOXL flight I want to execute the outdoor flights without GPS. But on QGroundControl ,I didn't see DO_SET_HOME button(request) like with GPS flights and therefore i couldn't execute auto flights. How i could did it? Thanks again

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