Determine if auto exposure is turned on

  • Re: Auto-Exposure for Hires Sensors?

    I am using voxl-camera-server with three sensors:

    1. The 4k hires sensor included with the voxl flight deck
    2. the tracking sensor included with the voxl flight deck
    3. An added TOF sensor from ModalAl in place of the stereo cameras

    I am curious if voxl-camera-server automatically enables auto-exposure and if there is a way to verify that it is enabled?

  • Dev Team

    Camera server has auto-exposure enabled by default on all the cameras, you can verify this by looking at /etc/modalai/voxl-camera-server.conf and by running voxl-inspect-cam hires_preview and shading the lens with your hand, watching the exposure go up and down.

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