pip3 install opencv-contrib-python-headless

  • Hi,
    I trying to install python opencv package on my voxl board.
    But while downloading and installing the package , I every time run into various problems like the following:
    Python version is 3.0.6
    Please help me to solve the problem like with "numpy" package from


  • Dev Team

    It is difficult to see exactly what you are trying to do without sharing the commands you are calling.

    If the package is not supported, you should try using Ubuntu in a Docker running on VOXL. See the docs here: https://docs.modalai.com/docker-on-voxl/

    In general, Ubuntu is easier to use if you are not comfortable creating your own packages, and the performance is typically on par or better as it is a pure 64-bit OS

  • Thank your for your reply.
    The command is pip3 install opencv-contrib-python-headless (=title of the question).
    Ubuntu docker is a good but not enough . I need this (opencv python package) on the target board, again like supported by modalai's python numpy package. Please help me to create/ download/install this python package on a voxl board.
    I need it for later using as ROS node (written in python)

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