Land Detector not working after several landings

  • Hey there^^
    I'm having this issue where land-detection works smoothly for like 20 minutes after plugging in and then starts not detecting landings properly anymore.
    Only thing that comes to mind is the Barometer not liking the thermal environment around the VOXL-Flight...

    Any experiences regarding an active fan and barometer-covering foam?

    I tried adjusting all related parameters up and down but it always only appears after several "service hours".

    Once I flip a switch to acro and back (in this case to "manual") it will actually disarm by itself and immediately on flipping the switch, QGC's messaging will say landing detected. (coming from Mission mode)

  • Dev Team

    Yes, we always install a barometer cap over the barometer in our assemblies and find that it helps significantly

    The barometer can be affected by both wind and sunlight

    The PX4 user guide is probably the best reference

  • Dev Team

    Hey @m4v3r ,

    Might not be related, but when we moved from PX4 1.10 to 1.11, we had some issues with landing detection, and tweaked these:

  • @modaltb Hi there, those look promising, thank you. I'll try and see if I can get them into testing today. cheers

  • Hey,
    I played around with them today a bit and found yes, your values did reduce the frequency with which the failure occurred so I'll continue tweaking there, thanks a lot.
    Actually your link was double-helpful since I was looking for those specific parameters that regard the takeoff for quite some time now as well (without success...) ;D

    I understand this is actually more closely related to PX4 but I very much appreciate the help anyway. 😉
    I sincerely don't even remember anymore why yesterday I thought this must somehow boil down to the fact that it's running on the VOXL-Flight hehe.

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