m500 says it is armed but it is not armed

  • The m500 I have has been working fairly well, but recently I ran into an issue where the drone is supposedly armed according to QGC and the LED signal on the GPS, but the motors do not move. I checked and made sure the emergency kill switch was not enabled, and the drone was in position mode when I tried to arm it.

  • Dev Team

    Hi Daniel, Have you tried arming in any other mode? Our recent M500 setup's use Dshot instead of Straight PWM's. We've seen this problem when we set the drone up for dshot, but then it gets switched over to pwm without being calibrated. Are you familiar with Dshot vs PWM for ESC / motor control?

  • Dev Team

    In the parameters list, check for "dshot_config". Our most recent M500's use dshot 600.

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