max MIPI cable extension length

  • I see 6 cm and 14.5 cm MIPI extension cables from ModalAI. MIPI is pushing lots of data so i expect these may be approaching the max cable length..

    i'm not sure all the specifications of the VOXL MIPI cameras/cables, but there are other discussions on the order of 100's of cm for CSI interfaces

    what is the max length for VOXL cameras? Probably it is different for each camera, so let's say for the TOF. Would you expect I could chain two 14.5 cm extension cables together to get the TOF camera 29 cm away from the VOXL?

  • It depends on the datarate (based on resolution), but it will start to fail pretty quickly after 20cm

  • Dev Team

    Like Chad said, this depends on many factors. I just wanted to add a bit more details. TOF is not pushing nearly as much data as, say, 4K30 camera, so it is using CSI speeds vs 4K camera. There is a chance it may work with double extender. You should try it!

    Regarding Raspberry pi (and corresponding discussions), I have personally tried a few of those cables and found that some long cables (~50cm) with raspberry pi and pi camera and saw that long cables result in pixel noise in the image. But it looks kind of strange, since the raspberry pi ISP tries to de-noise the noise and image ends up being kind of noisy and more blurry at the same time and the colors are off. I don't remember exactly what the picture looks like, but the failure mode of long cables may not always be "no image" (no image in the worst case).

    On VOXL, I have seen some bad cables (occasionally) and I was seeing frame sync issues (image rolling up/down) or sometimes no image at all.

    I don't think you can damage the camera or VOXL by using too long of a cable, but at some length you will get corruptions and that length depends on the camera and its operating mode.


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