voxl-streamer failing for tflite-overlay

  • I have reflashed the latest system image (3.3) and installed the voxl-suite during the process. I also left my /data folder as is during the process (not deleting). I'm able to get the streamer to work for other cameras (hires, qvio-overlay, stereo etc), but when I try to run the tflite overlay I get the following error.

    yocto:~$ voxl-streamer -c tflite-overlay -d 
    Using configuration tflite-overlay
    Enabling debug messages
    Using configuration file /etc/modalai/voxl-streamer.conf
    MPA interface chosen
    Input pipe name /run/mpa/tflite/
    Output stream width 300
    Output stream height 300
    Output stream bitrate 1000000
    Output stream rotation 0
    Output frame decimator 2
    No image overlay specified
    Camera server Connected
    ERROR: Frame size mismatch 921600 307200
    ERROR: Timeout on input parameter initialization

    I had this working before the latest updates, but checking out older versions of both the tflite and streamer services seem to throw the same errors.

  • Dev Team

    Hi PawelJ, looks like there was a small bug in the tflite-server which made voxl-streamer expect an RGB output instead of grayscale. A fix will be available in version 0.1.1 which should be live on http://voxl-packages.modalai.com/ shortly.

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I've looked at the development in the tflite dev branch, and the changes in the patch that removes the *3 scaling for RGB images fixes the size mismatch. However, the streamer seems to get the first frame then freeze when looking at the tflite-overlay. Is there any eta when the version of dev will be updated? I do not need the asset packages as I have your pipeline setup for installing the git branches.


  • I tried the latest push to tflite master and it fixes the size mismatch error, but when I run the streamer I only get one frame and it never updates. This only happens when I try to connect to the tflite-overlay, the other streams work as expected. Are there any other packages that need to be updated?

  • Is anyone else experiencing this? I've tried reflashing the system and tested master and dev branches for tflite and the streamer, but I still get the stream frozen after one frame only for the tflite-overlay.

  • Dev Team

    Hey PawelJ, voxl-streamer is unable to properly display the stream if the incoming framerate is too low. To fix this, edit the config file for voxl-tflite-server (lives here: /etc/modalai/voxl-tflite-server.conf) and change the skip_n_frames parameter to 0. This will increase the load on the CPU/GPU, but will fix the "frozen frame" issue with voxl-streamer.

  • Thanks Matt, that did the trick 👌

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