MAVSDK offboard set_velocity_body strange behavior

  • (Firmware 1.10, indoor parameters used)

    These set of MAVSDK code causes the drone to fly up approximately 5 feet and spin

    await drone.action.arm()
    await drone.offboard.set_velocity_body(VelocityBodyYawspeed(0, 0, 0, 0))
        await drone.offboard.start()
    except OffboardError as error:
        print(f"Starting offboard mode failed with error code: \
        print("-- Disarming")
        await drone.action.disarm()

    My initial expectation is it would just stay in the ground. I'm just wondering what could be causing the issue, or how i can try to debug this. I'm getting odometry data in QGroundControl.

    Thank you

  • Dev Team

    Hi Pey,

    Can you double check that the "offboard_mode" is set to "none" in the voxl-vision-px4 configuration file?

  • Oh man. , thank you so much that was the issue 😕

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