New user, new questions (didn't find them answered elsewhere)

  • I'm a new user and would like to make modalAI VOXL Flight our new autopilot in our fleet, but I have some questions:

    1. Looks like you guys don't have a safety button. In that case, how do I use VOXL Flight with DJI ESCs? Or more to the point, my ESCs keep beeping. No way to prepare them to arm. I tried changing CBRK_IO_SAFETY but it did nothing.
    2. Is there a place to plug in a speaker, like on other PixHawks?
    3. Is it possible to use ArduPilot with VOXL Flight?

    Thanks so much.

  • Dev Team

    1. I’m not familiar with the DJI ESCs, by default the firmware on the VOXL Flight ignores the safety switch. It could be setup if needed using a spare IO but you would need a custom FW change on your end.

    What protocol does the ESC use? PWM?

    1. No, some customers have setup something using an external driver to achieve this but it’s not something we are supporting at this time.

    2. Not at this time, it’s been requested and we have it captured but it’s not on a road map currently

  • Thanks for your help. Yes, the ESCs use PWM. I may have had something configured wrong, so I'll try again.

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