Tracking Camera bricks Boot

  • Hi,
    We just received the voxl flight with a tracking and HiRes camera. However as soon as I connect the tracking camera, no wifi hotspot will show up anymore. When only connecting the HiRes camera I can connect to wifi, start camera server and streamer and view the stream in qgc.
    How do I proceed with troubleshooting the tracking camera?

  • Dev Team

    Please make sure the board is completely powered off before attaching or removing cameras.

    It is most likely you are connecting the tracking camera backwards. Please validate pin 1 is lined up properly on the connectors before inserting, you can see each pin 1 marked with a red dot here:

  • Thanks this fixed it. It was connected backwards. Maybe this can be marked a bit clearer in the docs, I think it’s quite unintuitive having the cable going inwards the board when not using the extension.

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