Tracking camera type for voxl-flight deck

  • Hi,

    what type is tracking camera of voxl-flight deck?

    Q1) If tracking camera type is upside-down for flight deck, is this correct as below?

    IMU1 to tracking camera for VOXL-Cam with upside-down tracking
        <!-- Vector from the origin of the IMU frame to the origin of the camera
             frame represented in the IMU frame -->
        <param name="mv_vislam_tbc_1" value="0.02715"/>
        <param name="mv_vislam_tbc_2" value="-0.0344"/>
        <param name="mv_vislam_tbc_3" value="0.0088"/>
    <!-- Axis-angle representation of the rotation of the camera frame relative
         to the IMU frame  -->
    <param name="mv_vislam_ombc_1" value="-1.7599884"/>
    <param name="mv_vislam_ombc_2" value="1.7599884f"/>
    <param name="mv_vislam_ombc_3" value="-0.7290111f"/>

    Q2) if I make my own flight as uncategorised type, how to get value for TBC and OMBC?


  • Dev Team

    TBC is the translation from IMU to camera, OMBC is the rotation

    You can see 2D and 3D drawings on the datasheets page which should help you make the measurements

    Start by trying to recreate the known sets on the Flight Deck, and then make adjustments from there.

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