Spektrum transmitter binds, but RC signals not appearing

  • I'm going through the initial setup of the VOXL m500 and am having trouble configuring the RC transmitter. I am using a Spektrum DX9. After configuring the IP address in the conf file and connecting to the m500 over QGroundControl, I am able to put the receiver into bind mode. After successfully binding, I can move the sticks but QGroundControl does not show any response from the channels. When I attempt to calibrate the RC channels I get an error saying zero channels detected. Does anyone have any ideas where I am going wrong?

  • The spektrum pairing should be identical to any PX4/Pixhawk pairing. Sometimes there is a final commit button that is missed when configuring in QGroundControl.

  • Dev Team

    @mvxl500 like Chad mentioned, typically with the PX4/QGC setup you have to power cycle PX4 after binding:

    From: https://docs.modalai.com/configure-rc-radio/


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