apriltag landing

  • Hi,

    I wanna test landing with apriltag.

    But, I'm not sure apriltag landing voxl-vision-px4 s/w version 0.8.3 is embedded or not.

    as I checked source code for v. 0.8.3 of apriltag_manager.c, callback is commented as like this.


    Could you please let me know which version is working for landing feature with apriltag?

    Also, I tested follow mode with apriltag. I checked recognized tag ID correctly, but, flight did not follow moving tag but rotate whenever recognized id tag.

    Is it correct? how to use follow feature with apriltag in offboard mode?


  • Dev Team

    We are working on bringing that apriltag demo back online with the latest software right now. Hope to have a more concreate answer in the next week or two

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