Swappable Camera Lens

  • I would like to like to purchase different camera lens and then swap them out on the camera modules from ModalAI. This would allow us to play with different FOVs to see which fits our application the best.

    For example, I have the M0024 and M0026, which comes with screws to fasten lens. However, they are also glued. If I want to swap out lens, would my best approach be to request these models without the glue?

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  • Dev Team

    For both those modules, especially the m0026, you should be able to just unscrew the lens itself. M0026 using m12 style lenses and is designed so you can swap it out.

    Look here, you should see hundreds of options

  • @Chad-Sweet Thanks for the link, its nice to see such a large available selection.

    Concerning the M0026 and M0024 I have, it seems that there is a black loctite on the threads, and I may need to sand it down to unscrew them. Would it be possible to order these in the future but without loctite applied?

    Also, for the M0024, does any 9mm lens attachment work? I couldn't find any reference on the shop page like the M12 for the M0026.


  • Dev Team

    I would try taking 2 pliers, hold the base and gently twist the lens. The most risk would be to the lens. If you don't care about the lens you can just install a new one. You focus the lens by twisting it in the threads. They are focused and then locked in place.

  • hi @Chad-Sweet will this work with M0025 as well? i.e removing lens and attaching some external lens

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