Flight Core PWM ESC Calibration

  • Trying to follow the recommended documentation for ESC calibration

      You should hear a second jingle.
      Wait for the second calibration jingle to complete.
      After the second jingle stops, press [ENTER] to proceed

    There is never a second jingle.. I am not sure the calibration completed. The drone is shaking violently with the voxl flight core, but flies stable with a PX4. I switched back and forth to be sure that the extra weight is not an issue.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @kiprock,

    I've not had oscillations myself from ESC cal issue, more generally from PID tunings (I experienced the same when I tested on a tiny frame and had the m500 PID settings still on board). I really lower all PID settings (roll,pitch,yaw) and then slowly bring everything up.

    Other's might chime in that are much better at tuning than myself, but here's an example of a smaller frame's settings (https://gitlab.com/voxl-public/flight-core-px4/px4-parameters/-/blob/master/platforms/v1.10/useeker_v1_config.params#L88)

    Are you using the FlightCore FW that shipped with the unit or did you update it? We noticed that with v1.11 there was a change and there's this script that seems to work better.

    One way around the ESC calibration is if the ESCs support DShot to use that as it's a 'digital' interface.

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