Cannot install voxl-streamer

  • Hello, following the directions on the documentation, I'm trying to use voxl-streamer.

    Here is what I am seeing:

    ~ # opkg update
    Updated source 'stable'.
    Downloading file:///home/root/voxl-suite-ipk/Packages.gz.
    Updated source 'local'.
    ~ # opkg install voxl-streamer_x.y.z.ipk
    Collected errors:
     * opkg_prepare_url_for_install: Couldn't find anything to satisfy 'voxl-streamer_x.y.z.ipk'.

    I have the following line in opkg.conf:
    src/gz stable

  • Updated to current link:

    opkg install

    Might want to update documentation.

  • Thanks for the feedback! The documentation has been updated.

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