VOXL is rebooting PX4

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    Hey everyone.
    In regards to this behaviour I'd like to know if it is possible to disable this "check" in particular in the vision config somehow?
    Because I really prefer calibrating over WiFi despite what QGC is recommending but calibration itself is just not possible because the VOXL just keeps rebooting the autopilot basically everytime you move it with uncalibrated IMUs/ Mags and without the service running you can't connect through Wifi.

    I am able to fiddle through calibration via USB but I really, really rather do it on a wireless link.

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    @m4v3r This doesn't sound like normal behavior... can you describe your hardware setup a little more? i.e. VOXL1/2?, Flight core? etc.

  • @tom Hi. This is on a VOXL Flight (VOXL 1 plus Flight core) and usually only happens when I'm on the PX4 main branch (I really don't think it ever happened on a stable version).
    From what I gathered it results from a "Yaw estimate error".
    For now I'm disabling the service via SSH, connect to PX4 over USB and use a long cable for calibration.
    After both my mags are calibrated in this way I can actually repeat this calibration over wifi (because they're not reporting deviating values anymore it seems).
    best regards

  • @tom It's probably normal afterall since the voxl-vision-hub service's config file contains a parameter "reset PX4 on error".
    I set it to "false" and now this behaviour disappeared. 😉

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