Scratch/Adhesive on One of Stereo Cameras

  • Dear ModalAI Team,

    We recently purchased a VOXL CAM for one of our drone systems. Unfortunately, we noticed that there is something on the left camera that creates a blurry image. When looking back at our previous videos, we noticed that the left stereo camera had been blurry, so we can't pinpoint when/what created this. We couldn't remove this spot with isopropyl so we believe it is a scratch. Is there a way to clear/repair or replace this camera? Thank you for your time!


  • Dev Team

    It's possible that the lens has been knocked out of focus. See @Dobry-Kolacz 's write-up here on addressing that issue:

    "To adjust the focus on our stereo cameras twist the lens housing clockwise or counterclockwise similarly to how you would on a DSLR lens. Look closely at the stereo cams and you will see 4 flat edges. I recommend using a 6mm wrench to engage 2 of the flat edges; from there you'll be able to rotate and adjust the lens as needed. It is possible to use something like tweezers or small pliers to accomplish this however I recommend against that method because it is too easy for the tool to slip off and end up scratching the lens.

    To clean the lens I recommend using a clean microfiber cloth, a lens tissue, or a fresh q-tip"

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