Landing Gear Stud Size, and Motor Temperature

  • Greetings,

    Two questions in reference to my M500 specifications/operation.
    I was hoping to acquire the size of the stud from you that is located on the underside of the motor. The stud is used to attach the v1.1 landing gear that is a screw on threaded piece. Our team is creating a modification to the landing gear, and noticed that stud is missing from the CAD files in your protected downloads.
    The Second question is to ask advice about motor operating temperatures. We flew the M500 about 12 times in the span of 3 hours, and by the end of the day on the last flight the aircraft crashed. After about 4 flights we would have to let the aircraft cool for 15 minutes, because the motors are reaching a temperature of close to 200+ degrees Fahrenheit. We are using the motors that came stock on the aircraft and the suggested 4S battery size from the modal website.
    Any feed back on either of these topics would be helpful, thank you.

  • Dev Team

    @Steve-Sager I can answer the first question, Passivated 18-8 Stainless Steel Philips Flat Head Screw with an 82 Degree Countersink, 10-32 Thread, 1/2" Long, Undercut. You can find them at McMaster Carr: Here or any other hardware store. We also use a locknut to hold them in place, Steel Locknut with External-Tooth Lock Washer Zinc-Plated, 10-32 Thread Size here

  • @Adrian-Hidalgo Thank you so much Adrian!

  • Our team would greatly appreciate feedback about the motor over heating issue. Both our aircraft (two M500 platforms) have this issue. The high temperature has caused a failure and we are requesting guidance on understanding why the aircraft has this heating issue. Would a calibration of the system help fix an issue like this?

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