Fumble fingers problem on FC

  • My poor eyesight and impatience have led to the separation of the J1 DF13 connector from the FC motherboard. The pads were liberated from the board itself with no chance of re-solder. Since the FC is fine other than that, I'd like to know if I can switch the Voxl Comms link to 1: J5? Is there a level-shift available here like on J1, or could the level-shift from 5-3.3v be done externally first? Software changes to make it work? 2: Could I use one of the 2 USB ports on the modem board to accomplish the same thing directly to the FC USB port? Software tweaks for that? 3: any other possible UART on the FC I can use? Any input that will help me save $ by not buying another FC would be helpful..😀

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