Additional MIPI Camera Selection Possible?

  • Is it possible to select other MIPI camera modules not found on the ModalAI site? If so, is VOXL compatible with standard 15 or 22 pin connectors? If VOXL is not compatible with these connectors, what would be the best way to connect other MIPI cameras?

    Any challenges related to software integration to be aware of?

    Thank you!

  • Dev Team

    Hi AJ,

    It is not easy to integrate new MIPI sensors into the system. If the sensor is supported, see list here, then it is a hardware effort to integrate an interposer. There are no standard MIPI connectors, each platform is fairly different.

    For a new sensor, it is up to a few months of code and tuning if no reference is available. You would need access unfortunately to Qualcomm's proprietary camera stack to integrate on your own.

    Is there a specific module you are targeting, maybe we can help point you in the right direction?

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