First Flight Help On VOXL Flight Deck.

  • Can someone please help me with my first flight? I setup a roskinetic docker and used the mavros_test example that was provided online. However I am unable to fly the drone in figure eight motion. I am able to see the rostopic list from host pc but nothing is being published on the topics.

    My goal is to run a custom Python script that uses motion capture system to provide pose data over vrpn_client_ros for hover and land. I started with the tutorial first but because I could not get the drone to take off I am now stuck. Any help would be highly appreciated.
    Thank You.

    P.S My drone is able to arm via QGroundControl over UDP connection.

  • Dev Team

    If it is VOXL Flight based, the M500 Getting Started should be useful

    Definitely first test the drone out very carefully using manual mode. It's a big jump to get start programming it with a script. A lot could go wrong!


  • I have done a first flight using a controller and the drone is responding fine. I wanted to use Motion capture to provide the Pose data, is there a way to do this on the VOXL?

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