• Hello, I can't connect my seeker to QGC. I have already reconfigured voxl-vision-px4 and voxl-mavlink-server to the factory setting and both of them are enabled and running.

    But when I look into it by using status -l voxl-vision-px4, it says:

    Jan 01 00:00:09 apq8096 voxl-vision-px4[2589]: WARNING: connected to voxl-mavlink-server but no messages from PX4

    Screenshot 2022-12-22 18:19:27.png

    And when I check voxl-mavlink-server, it says

    Jan 01 00:00:10 apq8096 voxl-mavlink-server[2710]: PX4 DISCONNECTED FROM UART

    Screenshot 2022-12-22 18:19:50.png

    Here is my mavlink.conf on seeker
    Screenshot 2022-12-22 18:18:39.png

    I already try my best to fix this and gets no luck...... So hope you guys can help me with it.

    Sorry for interrupt your Christmas vacation.😥

  • Dev Team

    Could the cabling between the VOXL and Flight Core have become disconnected? The connections should look like the image below


  • @Chad-Sweet Thanks for your quick response.☺

    I check the cable between them and it looks good to me. I also re-plugged some of them and check mavlink status, still shows disconnected.


  • Quick update, mavlink suddenly connected yesterday, but after few minutes it disconnected again. Since I didn't change any of setting, so I think it's bad contact causing the disconnection. What do you guys think of this?

  • Dev Team

    yes, it sounds like a cable is not connected or was damaged somehow

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