Hardware sync between Lepton and Stereo pair

  • Is it possible to hardware sync Lepton and the supplied stereo pair accessory?

  • Dev Team

    The stereo pair has very accurate timestamps, and the timestamp should be available for a Lepton driver to use as well.

    I am not sure if the Lepton provides frame sync capability, but would require some hardware mods to connect to the stereo pair. Using timestamps is probably the easiest method.

  • Lepton generates a pulse when the image is ready. Can this pulse be used to trigger the Stereo pair?

  • Dev Team

    Hi Nikhil,
    Sorry for our delayed response on this. I just recently joined our forum to help out with more HW centric question.
    As Chad mentioned, this does require HW mods if you do not want the SW driver timestamp method (which would be our recommendation/preference).
    The Lepton signal VSYNC (on GPIO3 most likely is what you are referring to) is running at the VIO voltage of 2.8V to 3.1V per Lepton specs. Our camera sensors are MIPI based, and as such all of those I/Os are at 1.8V, so a level translator would be required which makes connecting these a bit tricky, especially if you need bi-directional support with another sync controller/snoop device. This would need to be something done on a custom interface between the Lepton and the stereo sensors. We do not have such module but would be happy to give further guidance if you need it.

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