VOXL2 flight deck - m500 fit

  • Hello! Is the VOXL2 flight deck interchangeable with the VOXL1 flight deck? That is, will the VOXL2 flight decks fit on the m500 frame without modification? Thanks!

  • Dev Team

    @JoeC, excellent question! It is possible, but there could be some issues. The Voxl2 FD will fit on the M500 base without modifications. It does get mounted differently than the Voxl1 FD though. 81295e33-291d-4693-92f9-ceaf5d054afd-image.png This is the Sentinel, notice how it gets mounted with the grey 3D printed mounts

    5e2254a1-349a-4289-aed1-c27915f3cc29-image.png This is the M500, notice here how the PCB legs mount.

    The wires would have to be rerouted and new ESC parameters would have to configured since there would be a difference with ESC's. M500 has differenct ESC's than the Sentinel, as well as battery configs.

    Long story short., Yes you can swap them but it'll take some work on your end.

    Hope that helps

  • Thanks @ADRIAN HIDALGO; I'm hearing the flight deck weight is approximately the same so the m500 flight time should be equivalent. In summary, 1.) create a 3D printed mount to adapt the holes, 2.) re-route the wires, and 3.) re-do the ESC calibration using the tool in QGroundcontrol and it's good to go? Sorry for the final check, but I'll be upgrading 8 vehicles so want to be sure. Thanks!

  • Dev Team

    @JoeC Yes, the weights of the FD's are roughly equivalent.
    For 1) you wouldn't have to print the 3D mounts since they come with the Sentinel FD. You would just need to get mounting hardware (here we could send you a link to what we use or we could send you a bag of parts).
    Steps 2 & 3 are correct.
    @Jeremy-Schmidt can answer some of the more detailed questions of what you're attempting to do.

    For clarification, do you already have some M500's and Sentinel FD's and you want to swap the Voxl-Flight-Deck to the Sentinel FD? What kind of setup are you attempting to do/make?
    If the Sentinel FD was ordered as the kit, it should've come with some of the parts you would use. The GPS with bind cable for example.

  • @Adrian-Hidalgo Hi Adrian, I haven't ordered yet, but I've got a bunch of m500 VOXL1 complete vehicles and I'm hoping to just upgrade the flight decks only (hence saving a little $). Mind if I coordinate with someone via email to help me assemble the order?

  • Dev Team

    @JoeC gotcha. If you could email us at: contact@modalai.com we can get started

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