Microhard pDDL Carrier USB Dongle accesing ethernet

  • Hello,

    We would like to use the Voxl 2 in our Drones. I two questions regarding the Standalone Microhard Carrier:

    • Is it possible to access a second Ethernet port on the carrier? We have some payload that communicates over UDP. There is one module on the Ground and one in the air.
    • Is it possible to get an SBUS signal into the ground carrier? We don't want to use a second communication method just or SBUS.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Jan-Hartmann ,
    If you review our MH carrier block diagram here: https://docs.modalai.com/microhard-add-on-datasheet/#block-diagram
    You'll notice we unfortunately do not expose the other Microhard Ethernet port. I'm not optimistic there is even a way to get it with blue-wires. Sorry about that.

    For S.BUS support, we offer a small standalone product noted here: https://docs.modalai.com/voxl2-io/
    We think that is a great little gadget that expands your PWM and I/O options and is meant for Voxl2.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

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