CAN device support

  • Is VOXL 2 eventually going to support CAN connections in the future (e.g. with a breakout board), or is that simply not a connection type that's going to be supported?

    We use a number of CAN devices with VOXL Flight / Core and it's been holding us back from adopting VOXL 2. Figured it was worth asking!

  • Dev Team

    @Ansel-Misfeldt Hi,
    The approach we will take for CANBUS right now is similar to what we have. That is, to add CANBUS, it requires the use of a FlightCore Flight Controller. So, with Voxl1, you have Voxl-Flight which integrates the FlightCore, or you add on Flight Core independantly.
    For Voxl2, you can still use a FlightCore, but we have some exciting news coming soon for a newer improved FlightCore, we will likely call it FlightCore V2 🙂
    It will retain CANBUS functionality but has a slew of other upgrades and user improvements added in, all in the same form-factor as FCv1.
    Our Docs portal is just about ready for launch and I think we did a better job up-front on this one to help our customers get running quickly.

    Stay tuned, we should be posting it for sale in the up-coming days!!

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