Additional mixer support on voxl2IO

  • Hello,
    I am using voxl2 with system image 1.4.1 and have recently purchased voxl2 IO. I am trying to execute non Quadcopter mixer on voxl2 IO. Please find reference to mixer over here.

    • Can VOXL2 IO support such mixers which are combination of servo and bldc together?
    • If no how to enable such mixer?
    • I tried to run above shown mixer on voxl2 io board which seemed to be working for few instances and now board has stopped showing any LED pattern. None of the LED are glowing. Needed further assistance on this issue.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Aks ,

    We haven't messed with mixers much at this point, just the standard quad and we got a hex setup going..... so no experience with that yet.

    The device 'should' have LED activity when powered though..... can you confirm you are have 3.3VDC between pins 1 and 4 on VOXL2 IO J4?

  • Hi @modaltb ,
    Thanks for the mixer info.
    Do you see any limitations in voxl2 IO firmware to not support any non-Quad mixers? I mean to say if possible can Voxl2 IO just act like flightcore to execute any kind of mixer? Please advice further.

    I am getting 3.3 Volts across J19 pin 9 and 12 but after connecting to J4 of voxl2 IO I am unable to get 3.3 Volts and voltage drops to 0
    .2-0.3 volts due to which board isn't powering up. Further advice needed.

  • Hello @Chad-Sweet, Please respond on this ticket. Knowing weather voxl2io board can support additional mixers like helicopter is very critical for our project. I understand modalai team dosen't have experience with this mixers but my question is does px4iofirmware has capability to handle such mixers or not. Please help me with this.

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