Fuse altitude measurements to state estimate

  • I would like to send altitude data produced by embedded, downward-looking range finders (VL53l1X and teraranger evo 60m) to the auto-pilot. I would like to do it over mavros since I already have interfaced the sensors over ROS (connected to voxl I²C port 7).

    Should I try to use the /mavros/vision_pose/pose topic? There are also several PX4 parameters (EKF2_RNG_*) that have to be set (defining when to use the range finders, e.g. at takeoff and while landing), but I am not sure if those parameters are supposed to work only with supported flight controller hardware when connecting specific range finders directly to them.

    Long story short, I haven’t found a clear way of publishing altitude data over mavros to let the EKF2 fuse this information into the state estimate. Any hint?

  • Dev Team

    Hi Lucas, I don't think we have any experience with this. Have you tried the PX4 EKF topic at px4.slack.com?

  • I do not think I have access to this slack. It seems restricted to a few specific people only. But I tried their forum. Thanks anyway!