• Hello Team,
    We are using VOXL2 for one of our project and we are planning to connect Camera module OV09282 directly to the camera connector. Actually it need some power up sequencing. I want to know that is that ok to connect the omni vision OV09282 directly to the cam connector? ,is VOXL2 support the power up sequencing for OV09282 ?

  • Dev Team

    The OV9282 driver is supported. I'm not sure what power up sequencing means.

    Can you use OV9782 (RGB)? We have an OV9782 module for VOXL 2

  • Dev Team

    HI @Akhil-Raj ,
    We might be OK with the sequencing.
    All OVT's specs are shared under NDA, so we do not have access to every sensor spec sheet that they make.
    However, it should be OK if you can share the one chart of power up sequence requirements, and I can check our design to flag any issues or concerns. Most sensors have "no required sequence" such as the OV9782 Chad mentioned, and we have only come across 2 or 3 in our history that care about it, but I like to check.
    So, let me know if you can re-post that data in whatever format is easy for you (screen shot, re-type, etc) But be sure to respect your NDA with OVT.


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