Possible [minor] issue with voxl-modem-start.sh...

  • Hi,
    I am working on getting a USB-LTE modem working on Voxl1 Flight Deck, and noticed what I think is a very minor issue with the voxl-modem-start.sh script...

    Near the bottom of the script it appears that for V1, V2 and quectel modems, the script goes into an endless loop waiting for a successful return of a modem-specific script. Using V2 as the example (note I inserted fake line numbers for reference)...

    001:  # Loop forever trying to get the cellular link up.
    002: echo "forever loop..." >>/tmp/foo
    003: echo -e "\nInitalizing cellular connection..."
    004: rc=1
    005: while [ $rc -ne 0 ]; do
    006:     sierra.py
    007:     rc=$?
    008:     if [[ $rc -eq 0 ]]; then
    009:         exit $rc
    010:     fi
    011:     sleep 1
    012: done
    013: echo -e "\nCellular connection complete."

    Shouldn't line 013 actually be inserted betwen 008 and 009?

  • Dev Team

    @Ed-Sutter Good catch, does look like that print statement is never reached, I'll move it to the correct location to avoid future confusion.

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