5G expansion board Peripherals

  • Is the 5G M2 slot capable of hosting a WiFi card? Is there plans to support a particular card in the future rather than running a USB Dongle?


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    @daniel-p-nikolov Hi,
    Our 5G modem board has an M.2 "B" key connector typical of modem plug-in cards.
    If you have a specific WiFi M.2 module in mind, please share the part number and I can investigate if it is an electro-mechanical fit with our B-key socket.
    Most likely I suspect the WiFi module falls under the "socket 1" option which will use A or E keying and may not be compatable.

    That said, I cannot speak to the SW drivers, since the device needs to have a Linux driver for it, and it may or may not be already in the platform.
    However, let's not even ask our SW team if your desired module can't plug in.

    Regarding WiFi support of dongles, believe it or not, many customers do not want WiFi (and want it disabled on Voxl or VoxlFlight), hence why we default removed it from Voxl2. So, we thought this was the best compromise instead of adding cost to every single PCB. We may add more support in the future, but our focus has been NDAA capable modules.


  • I have a 5G Add on board (MSA-M0090-3-01-01) with a Quectel M.2 (RM502Q-AE) module connected to the VOXL 2 board. I can access the VOXL Linux shell with ADB to the VOXL2 USB-C connector. Is there a way to connect to the Linux LE shell on the RM502Q-AE module?

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    @Mark-Lee Hi Mark,
    Can you please start a fresh thread for this topic?
    I have some comments, but want to be sure they are under an aptly named title so others can find it if they have similar questions.
    Feel free to tag me in the post so I get notified.

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