VOXL2 Mythic M1076 Add On Card

  • Hi,

    I have a VOXL2 kit with Microhard add-on. I also want to add on the Mythic M1076 card to boost performance. How can this be done?


  • Dev Team

    Hi Rohit,
    Accept my apologies for a delayed response here.

    We currently do not offer a combo card that supports both Mythic and Microhard simultaneously.
    We do have an architecture that could support Mythic directly, with Microhard as a stand-alone config through our USB Hub. https://www.modalai.com/products/mh-sa
    However, we have not had enough interest to make this a formal product as of yet. We do have a proof of concept working for Mythic, but it needs some refinement. We would be looking at a few months to complete that design and get it for sale.

    If this is something that you think can be of interest to you, please let us know using our "contact" form so you can reach us to talk about potential volumes and if we could support this for you.


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