Flight Deck Flight Core powered on - no QGC Connection

  • I’ve recently received a flight deck and have been testing it before integrating it into a new drone platform. I have been connecting the flight controller to QGC through the usb interface on the flight code portion of the board, and for a time it was working. The board lights up with LED1 showing the lighting pattern for booting, then shows stable green, which means it’s powered on and should be okay.

    However, after some hours of testing, I’ve noticed the board stopped connecting to QGC when plugging it to my laptop with the same usb connection. The LED1 lighting pattern is still correct - that is, it shows stable green - but nothing comes of connecting QGC over usb. I’ve logged in to the voxl over ssh as well and also noticed that voxl-vision-px4 is complaining that the px4 uart connection is dying.

    What would the best method be to continue troubleshooting here? It’s a bit confusing because based on the LED the flight controller should be alive, but it doesn’t seem like it’s fully booting up.

  • Dev Team

    The best place to start would be try to reinstall the Flight Core firmware. It sounds like the VOXL side of things is OK.

    The most common failure mode for Flight Core is plugging USB into the R/C port. Any chance that happened?

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