4K Main Camera Resolution

  • We are using VOXL flight and streaming the 4K MAIN video via RTSP over the Microhard 2.4GHz radio / daughter card (and several other radios). How do we increase the camera resolution of the 4K MAIN RTSP stream?

    What is maximum resolution of the RTSP stream from the VOXL 4K MAIN camera?

  • Dev Team

    @sspiller You will need to configure 2 applications. voxl-camera-server has to be configured to serve up 4k frames and voxl-streamer has to be configured to process 4k frames. The documentation for these applications can be found at docs.modalai.com/voxl-camera-server and docs.modalai.com/voxl-streamer respectively.

  • Thanks Eric. Are there any other configuration requirements to enable the higher resolution video via both the built-in VOXL wifi as well as daughter card radios like the Microhard? In our configuration they are currently streaming via both radios at the lower default resolution.

  • Dev Team

    @sspiller The WiFi and MicroHard radios don't have any specific configuration needs for video streaming. They are just network interfaces. The issue will be with available bandwidth. If you want to stream a high resolution stream at 10Mbps and your radio can only support 5Mbps then you will lose a lot of packets and your video stream will not look very good.

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