Space between board-to-board stack?

  • What standoffs do you recommend for stacking boards? ie. we're creating our own "daughter board" for J3 and J5 breakout. What size standoffs do you recommend for correct spacing between boards?

  • Dev Team

    Hi Ryan,
    The J3 and J5 connectors are 5mm stack-height versions.
    We recommend nylon spacers at 5mm and nylon hardware to hold the boards together.
    You can use metalized if you want, the holes are non-plated, M2.5.
    We also just posted a brand-new data package for customers who wish to design their own plug-in boards. It provides an Altium package of a starter schematic and PCB with connectors properly positioned.

    There is a small note that if you mate the boards without spacers, you will see a very slight tilt between the boards. This is a known Samtec issue where the Q-strip series and AHD series are actually about 0.1mm off from each other in regards to full seating depth, but the swipe length is sufficient at a properly controlled 5mm for both.

    Let us know if you need any extra help!

  • @Vinny Fantastic information. These are exact sizes I have on order now. Will be looking into the altium package as well.

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