Request backup files for system image re-flashing

  • Nice to meet you. My name is Jehyun Cha, and I'm newbie to RB5 flight drone.
    While I tried to modify the files in the system, I erased some files and my RB5 drone does not working anymore.
    I tried to re-flash the system image as mentioned in here, and I encountered the following errors;

    chacha@Pinkelf:~/Downloads/1.0.5-M0052-9.1-perf-c$ sudo ./
    [sudo] password for chacha:
    [INFO] version: 0.0
    [INFO] adb installed
    [INFO] fastboot installed
    [INFO] qti-ubuntu-robotics-image-qrb5165-rb5-boot.img present
    [INFO] abl.elf present
    [INFO] qti-ubuntu-robotics-image-qrb5165-rb5-sysfs.ext4 present
    [INFO] Saving camera calibration files

    • daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
    • daemon started successfully
      adb: error: remote object '/data/modalai' does not exist
      [INFO] Saving test sig
      /usr/lib/rfsa/adsp/: 9 files pulled. 1.3 MB/s (4505752 bytes in 3.298s)
      [ERROR] test sig failed to save

    I searched the error and in this topic, I recognized that the missing files are the cause of the problem.
    I want to restore the missing files as mentioned at the topic.
    Could you check whether the backup files for my drone are left in the database?
    My serial ID is as follows; M2100000CR5
    If you send me the files, I'll try the solutions in the topic.
    If you need more information, please let me know.

    Best regards,

  • Dev Team

    Hi @JehyunCha ,

    Sorry for the lag, we'll contact you shortly with instructions

  • Dev Team

    @JehyunCha I will send you an email to the address associated with your account here on the forum with your files and instructions on how to proceed.

  • @tom Thank you! I received your email. I'll try it.

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