Intermittent Wifi connection problems

  • Hi.
    We have a few VOXLs and we've come by some intermittent Wifi connection issues, when working in "station" mode:
    Sometimes the VOXL will connect just fine to the Wifi router (TP-Link Archer VR600), and sometimes it simply doesn't. Even after running voxl-wifi with the correct credentials several times, it doesn't always work. This has been tested on multiple VOXLs, all running system image 3.3.0. We have also tested this using different routers of the exact same model - same behaviour. Wifi antennas are in place of course, and 5Ghz wifi is disabled on the router (only using 2.4Ghz).

    Rebooting the router doesn't help either. We do not have any problems connecting our laptops to the router, nor do we see this behaviour with other various SBCs (NanoPi/Raspberry Pi etc..). The VOXLs work fine in AP mode and we are able to connect to them separately, but its very inconvenient.

    My question is:

    1. Is this a known issue? If so, how do we work around it ?
    2. Is there any way to "debug" wifi issues on the VOXL ? We haven't seen anything special on journalctl.


  • Dev Team

    @amitga It wouldn't hurt to upgrade your VOXL to the latest platform release (system image + voxl-suite):

    System Image: 3.6.0
    Suite: 0.5.0

    I believe voxl-wifi has recieved some robustness updates since the release you're on.

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