ESC acting weird.

  • When disarming the drone, the esc's are not all stopping at the same rate with a motor running seconds after the other three have stopped. Motor number 1 and 4 are turning off first. 3 and 2 are running for another 4-5 seconds.

    Is there some direction I should take trying to fix this issue? Thank you!

  • Dev Team

    Hi Caleb, which drone and/or which flight controller and ESC are you using?

  • I'm connected also with this. It is the modus project drone. Not a commercially available one. The ESCs are JMRRC 50A version. Running VOXL Flight 1. Motors are kv120 I believe or quite close to that, but chinese brand 4fpv. I'm not sure there is an issue, it may be due to a difference in velocities at disarm. But if the drone is sitting on the bench, and one arms it, spins up the prop-less motors, would the motors achieve significantly different velocities because it might be slightly off level due to the integrator, or does that indicate an issue? There has been discussion between us about the fact that sitting on the grass, bench, ground etc after arm the motors spin up to significantly different velocities. I attribute it to the controller and normal behavior but the other engineers are unsure of it. I think also the larger motors have a much lower rpm in general than tiny motors, so these differences might not be obvious with small drones. Does that seem correct or does there sound like there is a problem?{"sku_id"%3A"-1"}&gatewayAdapt=4itemAdapt

    Also spindown has a different than normal (for small drone) behavior due to the active deceleration/freewheeling mosfet setup rather than diodes I think, but they haven't heard these types of sounds and have concerns that it's a problem. There is a sort of ramping spindown quality.

  • We confirmed that the PWM is cutting off at the same time, so it's possibly an initial velocity difference thing, unless you guys have other thoughts.

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