Molex antenna placement and potential range

  • Hello All, we are using a microhard (the 2.4 GHz model) for all the radio communications to and from the VOXL, so we need pretty robust communications. I have found the application notes around the molex antennae included with the voxl microhard adapter and usb adapter, and used that for antenna placement and orientation. Do you have a sense of, given ideal conditions, the range and reliability of such a datalink using those antennas and do you think a more standard omnidirectional antenna might give superior performance attached at both ends? We need at least 1/2 mile range. I've made some adjustments to the gain and bandwidth of the microhards but we definitely have some reliability issues so far. Any input would be useful even if anecdotal feedback, like "you're crazy to think that would work" type thing, though hopefully something more detailed would be useful:) If you don't think it is possible to get a reliable connection that way and an RC type link is an essential part, please let me know if possible. Thank you for any comments and I appreciate the responses thus far to my questions. I'm enjoying getting to know the VOXL better.

  • Dev Team

    Microhard should achieve 1/2mi range with those antennas. Obviously in 2.4GHz there is a ton of interference, so it highly depends on your location

  • We got maybe 1/10 mile in an urban setting, and have had reliability issues. We placed the antennae as far away from power and more than 2.6" from each other on both transmitter and drone. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thank you.

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