Info for an interested buyer

  • Interested in VOXL 2, potentially at larger quantities, But had some questions prior.
    Is there a phone number I could reach someone (with technical questions), or how do you prefer the communications?
    The questions are regarding SLAM in outdoor (real world) environment - current level of autonomy, success/failure rate of RTH in GPS denied environment, etc.
    Wrote this to customer serive - they directed me here.

  • Dev Team

    That is largely dependent on your drone, sensors, and how well they are calibrated and integrated.

    Our reference drones can map fairly well with stereo image sensors in an outdoor environment, but they are setup with the source code for our customers to modify for their end application.

    You can check out voxl-mapper source code here. We are frequently updating it and making improvements.

    A specific metric is tough as there are so many variables.

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