GPS Error And Issues Setting Up Obstacle Avoidance

  • When I set COM_OBS_AVOID to 1, the drone will immediately go into Not Ready mode. After doing some looking, I think it's because GPS shows as ERROR. I am not quite sure why the GPS has an error, but it's been like this for a couple of days, even before I tried to setup obstacle avoidance. The logs show a 'No known GPS device found' error which could be substantial:

    The GPS model is MATEKSYS M8Q-5883 GPS Module, and the light on it is solid red. Apparently a flashing blue light means it is 3D fixed, but I'm not sure if that means anything.

    I am not sure if this is a hardware issue or if there is something specific I need to do to setup the GPS so that it is not in error state. When I bring the drone outside, it does show that it gets GPS connection, even though GPS is in error state.

    Any suggestions?

  • Dev Team

    Is that version of GPS module supported in the version of PX4 you are using? Is it wired properly to your flight controller as well?

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