M500 driff when flying VIO indoor navigation.

  • Hello, as the topic name when I starting to fly indoor nav with M500 VOXL frame, the UAV not go up straight but driff to the left side or right side (randomly). I also checking the Local_position_NED is 0,0,0 before the flight.
    Here is the "systemctl status voxl-vision-px4"
    and when i test the odometry with "voxl-test-vision-lib -o"
    pls give me some advice.

  • Dev Team

    Hi @Vũ-Văn-Long ,

    In order to better understand the setup, are you flying in offboard mode or manually through RC in position mode?


  • @modaltb hi, i'm just trying to take-off manually though RC in position mode.

  • every step is correct with the manual document. Here is what we do with the UAV. In the last week i had tested the UAV load in position mode and it's work well, after that i also tried with MavROS node to take-off UAV in Offboard mode. we would set the altitude to take off is 0.5 m but the UAV takeoff higher than 1m much (i had build rosnode after launch).
    But it was other problem, in this week we had installed a asus xtion camera and a raspberry pi at the bottom of m500 frame, then trying to maunally filght at position mode but the driff has occurred.

  • Here is the video of flight with position mode, what is the problem ???
    video link

  • Dev Team

    thanks for sending the video. We'll look at this in detail. Can you please dump /etc/modalai/voxl-vision-px4.conf and provide? Can you make sure offboard_mode: "off"?

  • @Chad-Sweet oh my godness. My mistaken, i didn't realise that before that i had configured UAV off board mode. when I check the /etc/modalai/voxl-vision-px4.conf the offboard_mode ="figure_eight" => so that's why it's cause the problem here. anyway, it's work again, thank you so much for the effective support

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