Calibrating Stereo Cameras on VOXL Flightcore is Super Finicky

  • Is the camera calibration supposed to be super finicky? I've been holding up a checkerboard for an hour and it's been pretty difficult getting the camera to detect it. The hardest part I've been stuck at is when the checkerboard needs to be tilted away from the camera. Any suggestions? It's super difficult getting the camera to detect it.

  • Dev Team

    Have you watched the tutorial here ? It helps show what the GUI is asking you to do

  • When I'm trying to set it up, it isn't tracking the squares the entire time and just flashes occasionally and the video feed is super laggy. Is there a way to fix that? Perhaps it's a lighting issue? Maybe the lag is because it's connected to the internet wirelessly?

  • We connected it to ethernet and it's a bit faster, but still very laggy. Any suggestions?

  • @Chad-Sweet Yeah connecting it to ethernet fixed it. Also the video helped a lot. Thank you very much!

  • Dev Team

    You can also get a different idea of what the camera is seeing by adding a "-t" to the end of the code line. For example: "voxl-calibrate-camera stereo -t "
    This makes it easier to gauge if the lighting is good and can provide a different perspective which might make calibration easier.

  • I’m having the exact same problem, but I can’t connect to an Ethernet. Is there any other option for calibration? I’ve tried for 8 hours straight with no luck……

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