Autonomous indoor and outdoor drone for interfacing

  • All,
    I want to buy 4 drones to create a team with ground robots. Control will be done in ROS. Everything will be controlled via a remote computer. We identified the Seeker.
    Is it the good platform for that?
    If yes, what do I need for that which model do you suggest me? "Seeker SLAM Development Drone+TOF" or "Seeker SLAM Development Drone + TOF w/ 4G LTE"

    Since I want to control it remotely with a computer, do I need to buy a remote controller to each?


  • Dev Team

    The Seeker has been used for that sort of work in the past, though the customer is still expected to develop the swarming application. You can see this article here as an example.

    The configuration of Seeker depends on how the customer intends to approach the problem. If you plan to communicate with the robots over cellular / LTE, then that is the option to choose. There is WiFi built in for short range communications.

    A controller is recommended for emergency take-over, but not explicitly required. Please develop using extreme caution as unpredictable behavior can occur. We have some safety tips at

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