Controlling Velocity and Acceleration while using QVIO

  • Hi All,

    We are having problems with sending move commands to a new destination(x,y,z) with specific Acceleration and velocity while using Voxl Flight PCB, in QVIO mode. (NO GPS)

    can you please advise what is the best method on doing that?

    currently when we send the command the drone moves in his highest acceleration and velocity, and I would like to be able to control it.

    I have looked at PX4 commands and tried using them, but with no success.

    can you please send me a code example to do that simple task?

  • Dev Team

    We have an offboard trajectory interface to voxl-vision-px4. I believe that will enable what you are trying to achieve.

    Code is here

    The figure-8 code might be helpful as well, but that would require you to fork voxl-vision-px4 ([code](link url))

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